Recommended bulletin inserts for June

Pathetic Reasons for Little Prayer

I have spells when I don’t pray much. I’m so ashamed of that, but thankful to God that He is always faithful to bring me out of a prayerless stupor. Recently, I was contemplating these times of little prayer, and I asked myself, “What are some pathetic reasons for little prayer in my life?”

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The Ultimate “No-win Situation”

The little house was hopelessly surrounded. Innumerable soldiers with unimaginably powerful weapons prevented any hope of successful resistance or escape. Their Commander stood confidently and patiently, waiting for the barricaded rebel to show his face.

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A Neighborhood Kids’ Club

We moved into the urban core a couple of years ago and, while our goal has been to see a congregation started among Hispanics here, the Lord has gotten us into something a little unexpected along the way.


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A Look That Kills

As believers, we must "watch over our souls" diligently. For every one who could be accused of being overly conscientious to the point of debilitation, there are hundreds who neglect self-examination altogether. The job isn't done by merely seeing what we are, however, but when we, by faith, make the needed corrections.

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A Woman of the City, Who Was a Sinner

I once spoke to a woman who thought that she did not need forgiveness from God. Her justification was that she did not do all the bad things other people were always doing. She didn’t use foul language, she didn’t get drunk every weekend, and she didn’t live in sexual immorality.

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