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A Hot Investment Tip for the New Year
. . . That I Might Not Sin Against You!
“With Skilled, Kind Fingers that Did Not Tremble”: The Story of Dr. Eleanor Chesnut
15 Resolves for Maintaining Spiritual Balance in Severe Interpersonal Conflicts
31 Reasons Why Believers Should Give Thanks
35 Reasons Not To Sin
A Ka-ching Thanksgiving
A 10 Point Theology for Getting Rid of Clutter
A 12 Point Cure for Complaining
A Christ-like Response to September 11th
A Clash of Kings
A Father's Spiritual Advice
A Flick Filter for Christians
A Fly for Oscar
A Helper Suitable for Francis Schaeffer
A Kind of Pleasing Pain
A Legacy of Faithfulness
A Letter to a Sister Near Despair
A Look That Kills
A Man Attested by Signs and Wonders: Thoughts for When You Doubt
A Most Unlikely Wedding
A Pair of Warm Socks: God’s Provision for John Stam
A Peace March
A Plea to Christian Young People to Be Fools
A Plundered Man
A Revival of the Public Reading of Scripture
A Small Giant and A Big God
(for children)
A Snake in Your Cereal Box?
(for children)
A Special Baby Shower
(for children)
A Stone Named Ebenezer
(for children)
A Story That Does Not End Well: Marianne Hearne
A Tale of Two Cindys
A Tale of Two Therefores
A Valentine Form Jimmy
A Wake-up Call to Husbands in Hibernation
A Woman of the City, Who Was a Sinner
Adoniram Judson: Free Thinker Set Free
Adoption as Basic Christianity
Adrift in the South Atlantic
A true adventure story for children
After Failure: John Mark’s Recall to Ministry with Paul
All Sheepdogs Do Not Go to Heaven
Am I Saved?
An Empty Chair at Christmas
An Ethiopian’s Skin and Your Sin
An Intimate Hour with God
Answer Not a Fool
Anxiety: Its Cause and Its Cure
April 15th - Be Warned
Are There Humanitarians in Hell?
Are You Listening to a Broken God-finder Device?
(for children)
Are You Rearing an Angry Child?
Are You Refusing?
Are You Your Favorite Subject?
At Your Wits' End
Audacious Prayer
Back to School for the Glory of God
Bad Days in God's Good Plan
(for children)
Bathing the Cat
Bearing With the Failings of the Weak
Becoming a Multimillionaire
Better Prayer Meetings and Prayer Groups: Less Confusion, More Communion
Better Teaching By This Sunday
Beware of Study Bibles
Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst
Born OK the First Time?
Buddhism: A Way that Seems Right
Burning the Flag
But I Don't Feel Thankful
By Faith Alone: The Conversion of Martin Luther
Can This Marriage Be Saved?
Can You Let Them Go? When Kids Want to Serve God Away From Home
Cease and Desist
Celebrate Diversity . . . Like Jesus and the Writers of the New Testament Did
Children, Obey Your Parents
Christian Romance Novels: Are They Our Harmless Little Secret?
Christmas Choices
Christmas: Bah Humbug or Gloria in Excelsis?
Church Faithfulness: Is it Reasonable Anymore?
Church Going Downhill?
Churches on Fire: What Goes Up and What Comes Down
Close-Your-Eyes-and-Fall-Backwards Faith
(for children)
Closing in Prayer or Devoted to Prayer?
Cockroach Control
Coffee Shops, Community and Conversation for Christ
Comfort for Christian Parents of Unconverted Children
Communication Resolutions
Confessions of an April Fool
Conquering the Shy Chromosome
Contentiousness, Quarreling and Strife:Harsh Noises in God’s Ears, Even When You’re Right
Creating a Culture of Hospitality
Creation: The Fact that Leads to Faith
Cremation or Burial?
David and John Brainerd: Missionaries to Native Americans
Death Reigns?
Deathbed Conversion: Should You Risk It?
Deserted by All My Friends: How Should I Respond?
Devotional Dullness: Activity or Atrophy?
Did You Say, "I Love You"?
Discovering God’s Unsearchable Greatness
Disinterestedness: The Man Whose Funeral Was Cancelled Twice
Do Hurricanes Just Happen?
Do Our Prayers for Missionaries Really Matter?
Do You Have a Camel in Your Throat?
Do You Have a Lucky Ark?
(for children)
Doe The Nexte Thynge
Doeg the Edomite: A Man After Saul’s Own Heart
Does Jesus Believe in You?
Does Your Teaching Make People Sleepy?
Don’t Tell Me What To Do!
Don't Waste Your Nursing Home Visits
Doubting Jesus
Drinking From the Bitter Waters
Dull Preaching
Dying with Debt
Eight Hundred Thirty-Three Dollars and Thirty-Three Cents
Encouragement from Job the Sufferer
Enjoying the Autumn Days of Life
Entertainment and the Deeds of Darkness
Estate Planning, by the Master
Every Believer Not a Missionary
Extra Innings: When a Preacher Goes Long
Ezekiel and the Dry Bones
(for children)
Faith For What's Too Much
Faithfulness in Little Things
Faith-Sized Requests
Fake Love: Ousting the Pitiful Counterfeit of Tolerance
Fathering "by the Book"
Fathers: The Original "Children’s Ministers"
Fear and Fatherhood: A Godly Combination
Feeling Lost
Finding Help at the Throne of Grace
Finding Help In Troubled Waters
Finishing Well
Five Resolves for Personal Revival
Five Ways Every Member Can Strengthen the Church
Foes Without; Fears Within
For God so Loved the World ... OK, So What?
For Those He Came to Save
For Whom Did Christ Die?
Four Hopes For Hard Times
Four Miles from Church
Frazzled Yet Faithful
Friendship in Hell
Game Turned Shame: I Actually Bought It!
Getting the Most Out of the Public Reading of Scripture
Getting the Word Out: Strategically Distributing Bibles
Getting Through a Miscarriage
Giant Despair
Give Me Justice
Giving In: Just Haggling Over the Price
Global Warming: The Great Understatement
God Can't Save My Child
God Is Good All The Time
God is With Us: His Best Promise
God Knows What He's About
God Regretted But Does Not Regret
God who Reigns over Rain
God's Glory in the Joy of Men
God's Provision at the Appointed Time
Going Where the Need Was Greatest: The Story of Elizabeth Wilson
Good. Then Gone: The Empty Promise of Temptation
Gospel Opposition, Gospel Advance
GPS for the Soul
Grace for a Wretch like John Newton
Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Pastor Rejoice
Hard Work: The Spurgeon Way
Have You Ever Noticed that "Love It" Rhymes with Covet?
He Still Moves Stones
Hearing Aids for Believers
Heavenly-minded, Courageous John Bradford
Helping Friends Who Receive The Call We All Dread
Herbert Brown: The Anointed Stutterer
Here's the Skinny on Fat Tuesday
Hit by the Pitch
Holidays: Do You Really Enjoy Them?
Holiness or Hell?
Home Alone: Do We Still Need the Local Church?
Homophobia: A Christ-like Response to an Anti-Christian Label
Hope for the Dense Husband: Your Selfishness Can Work for You
Hospitality for Gospel Advance
Hospitality, The Easy Way
How Do You Recover From This?
How Do You Respond When Admonished?
How Forgiven Are We?
How Important Is a Healthy Diet?
How to "Go and Do Likewise"
How to Ascertain the Will of God
How to Become a Christian: A Letter to Teenagers in Good Churches
How to Become Radio-Active
How To Die Safely
How to Encourage Your Pastor This Summer
How to Grow Your Church Numerically
How to Invest in Your Child's Conversion
How to Tell a Bible Story
How to Use Your Pastors for All They’re Worth
I Believe in the Resurrection
I Leave the Costing to You—Darlene Deibler Rose
I Never Made a Sacrifice : Hudson Taylor, Missionary to China
I Saw Someone Raised from the Dead
I Will Rejoice . . . Today!
I Wish You Hadn't Said That! : Guidelines for Speaking Correctly in Small Groups
I'd like 5,000 Fish Sandwiches, Please
(for children)
Identity Theft: Losing Our Christian Self-Consciousness
If Anyone Thirsts
If Darwin Could See Us Now
If It Walks Like a Goat . . .
If You Want to be a Leader
Ignoring Obedience
Improving March Madness
In Spring
Influencing Fish
Influential Fathers, Captive Kids
Is Acts 1:8 My Commission to Evangelize?
Is it OK for Christians to Cuss?
Is It Really Important to Attend Church Meetings?
Is Michael Vick a Christian?
Is There Any Sin in Trusting God?
Is Your Church Doctrinally Sound?
Isaac Watts - Rejected Suitor
It Happened by the Water
Jesus . . . In His Own Words
Jesus Was Tempted Too
(for children)
Jesus, Forgiveness, & Hugs Galore
John Bunyan: Blessing God for Affliction
John G Paton's Father: A Key to His Courage
Joining the Great Multitude in Heaven
Justification: God's "Not Guilty" Verdict
Justifying Ourselves Before Men
Keeping Your Final Appointment
Know Thyself
Knowing We’re Chosen by God
Ladies: Read this Before You Nail His Socks to the Floor
Learning to Pray from the Praying Jesus
Leaving a Godly Legacy
Leaving the Work Undone
Less Netflix, More Evangelism
Lessons from the Friends of William Cowper
Let Us Pray… Without Delay!
Like Those Who Dream: An Imagination of the New Creation
Little Means Much: Laboring Like the Ant
Looking For a Church? Here's What to Look For
Looking in From the Outside
Losing Heart: The Christian's Fierce Foe
Losses of a Prayerless Christian
Love - More!
Love Covers a Multitude of Sins
Love Is Not Less than a Feeling
Love, the Law, and Your Music Collection
Loving Those Who Will Drain You
Making Church Meetings with Small Crowds Better
Making Lemonade Out of Lemons: Using the Talpiot Tomb as a Witness
Making the Best of an Ugly Wife
Man Killed by Armed Bird at Cockfight. . . and other illustrations of the nearness of your death
Man of Sorrows
Many Believed, But . . .
Marching on to a Better Land
May I Participate in the Lord’s Supper?
Me Fight?
Memories of Mothers
Methodical Love
Mingling Groans of Pain and Songs of Hope - Charles Haddon Spurgeon on Depression
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - Lie to Me!
Missing the Obvious
Mixed-Up Churches: Aiming for Multi-Cultural Glory
Moms, You Need Jesus
More Joy
More Seed for Sowing
Mother Teresa Leona: A Brockton Dialogue
Motives for a Holy and Careful Education of Children
Moving to the Head of the Line
My Darkest Night; Hopefully Not Yours
Narnia: More Than a Fantasy
Nine Characteristics of Biblical Prayer
No Lay-up Shot: A Lesson from the Master
Not Fit For Noah's Ark
Not I, But Christ
Not Much to be Thankful For
Not Surprised About Servanti: A Brockton Dialogue
Nothing To Do in the Church?
Now that Vacation Bible School is Over . . .
O Come, Let Us Adore the God-man
O Come, Let Us Ignore Him: Singing Carols About the Jesus You Won’t Love
Obedience is Better than Cupcakes!
(for children)
Obtaining the Inheritance: The Big Story
October 31, 1517
On Stumbling
One Another Commands
Only One Thing Necessary
Others May, You Cannot
Our Goals as Grandparents
Our Gospel Seed
Our Only Sure Defense
Pagans in Padded Pews
Pastor-only Evangelism?
Patrick the Missionary
(for children)
Patrick, Missionary to Ireland
Pay Attention to Signs: Believe in Jesus
Piles of Junk
Playing the Fool with Sexual Sin
Powerfully Kept
Prayer That Changes Things
Praying for the Persecuted
Praying Specifically
Preparing for the Funeral
Preparing to Be an Amazing Old Man or Woman
Priscilla & Aquila: The Couple Who Lost Their Lives for Jesus
Proverbial Parenting
Providence in Romania
Pulling Up Stakes, Putting Down Tyrants
Putting Love Top on Your List
Putting the Testers to the Test
Questioning Christ: When Inquiry Turns to Accusation
Reading Scripture Rightly
Real-life Child Converts
Reclaiming Your Eyes from Pornography
Reflections from a Week of Sickness
Regarding Thursday: Comfort for Christians Facing Illness and Uncertainty About the Future
Remembering a Christian: The Story of Yu Kuliang
Resolved to do Better This Year
Returning to Narnia
Rising Early with George Muller
Robert Chapman: Famous for Love
Running With Lemmings
Sanctifying Reason
Scoffer, Slacker, Seeker, or Saint? - A Spiritual Census for Teens
Seek and You Will Find: The Investigative Spirit that Leads to Salvation
Selected Proverbs Regarding the Tongue
Selina, the Less-than-Perfect Servant
Seminary is Dangerous
Serempore Sorrows: Finding Courage in Catastrophe
Serious Bible Readers Are Not Serious Sinners
Seriousness In Children and Teens
Serving Preachers and Teachers of the Bible
Seven Causes, and Remedies, for Joylessness
Seven Laws of the Race
Seven Principles of Finance for the Believer
Seven Truths About Knowing God
Shadows of Hell: Fear and Emptiness Before Death
She Loved It!
Sheep on Offense
Should Christians Pursue the Arts?
Should Christians Read The Quran?
Should We Quack Like Ducks in Church?
(for children)
Sin, the Christian, and The Field-Goal Principle
Sincerity Doesn’t Count
Sing to One Another at the Church Meeting?
Slogging Now, Reward Later
Someone Was Different: The Story of John the Baptist
(for children)
Soothing Poison
Sorrowful Yet Always Rejoicing
Speaking Bible
Spiritual Drift
Sports Resolutions for the New Year
Stand Firm and Be Saved:The Necessity of Perseverance
Still Faithful: George Muller’s Prayer-hearing God
Striving to Prevent the Everlasting Misery of Our Children
Stuffed: A Thanksgiving Tradition
Sucked In: A Lesson from Demas about the Dangerous Side of Love
Suffering Evangelism
Surviving Failure: The story of Renée of France
Surviving Unbridled Wickedness
Sweeter Than Honey: A Lesson From Pooh
Sweetness of Speech: The Bible’s Winning Tactic for Verbal Disputes
Ten Questions to ask about The Passion of the Christ
The 95 Theses of Martin Luther
The Abiding Life
The Antidote to Boredom
The Baby Named “Laughter”
(for children)
The Baptism of Jesus
(for children)
The Benefits of Having Missionaries Visit Our Churches
The Binding of Satan as Seen in the Birth (and Survival) of Jesus
The Bitterness Game
The Book Alive
The Boy Who Rode His Bicycle to Eternal Life
The Cable Every Home Needs
The Care and Feeding of Flies
The Child of 10,000 Names
The Child of So Many Tears
The Church Commute: Why Where You Live Matters
The Church of the Shrunken Heads
The Church on the Corner
The Conversion of Charles Haddon Spurgeon
The Cross or Loss
The Difference Between Moths and Cockroaches (The Anatomy and Importance of Desire)
The Dog That Yelped
The Elderly Mr. Phipp
The Evil of Ungratefulness
The Eyes of God and The Sins of Men
The Family, in Perspective
The Fellowship Factor
The Foreign Devil Who Baked Virginia Tea Cakes: The Irrepressible Lottie Moon
The Forgotten Chapter of Romans
The Four Helpful Friends
(for children)
The Fruit to End All Fruits
The Garage Method
The God Who Rescues the Godly
The Godliest Parents
The Good a Bible Might Do
The Good Result of a Bad Word: The Value of Fellowship Between Women
The Gospel Flu Shot
The Gospel Your Works Are Preaching
The Great Molasses Flood of Boston
The Great Work of God: Rain
The Greatest Change in a Single Day
The Greatest Understatement Ever Made
The Hardest Change So Far
The Importance of Fearing the God You Love
The Importance of Remembering
The Indecency of Decency
The Introduction That Says It All: Seven Truths About Christ From Hebrews 1:1-4
The Jerusalem Journal
The Key to Christian Contentment
The Knife on the Table: A Brockton Dialogue
The Last 45 Minutes
The Last Shepherd
The Likes of Danny Lites
The Little Girl with Big Feet: Dr. Shi Meiyue
The Littlest Sinners
The Man Who Made an Idol of Trash
(for children)
The Man Who Would Not Read His Bible
The Meanest Wish Ever
(for children)
The Mighty Hand of God
The Morning Star of Wittenberg: Katharina von Bora Luther
The Most for the Most Unhappy: Pastor and Philanthropist, Andrew Reed
The Most Important Thing
The Mysterious Ways of God in the Life of Emily Chubbuck
The Other Woman in My Life
The Particular Importance of Not Being Particularly Important – Or: Just be a Nobody
The Pastor Search Process: Do You Know How to Pick a Pastor?
The Plant Doctor
The Power of Focus: The Story of Lilias Trotter
The Price, and Reward, of Faithfulness
The Prince Who Became a Nobody Who Became a Prince Again
(for children)
The Problem With "Panmillennialism"
The Problem with Easter
The Pronouns Preach: Lessons on the Glory of the Church
The Ramp
The Rape of God's Mercy: A Warning About Presumptuous Sin
The Rationale for Wrath
The Reluctant Mother: Amy Carmichael
The Remedy of Self-Sacrificing Service: The Ministry of Susannah Spurgeon
The Resurrection’s Call: Lippen Till It!
The Satisfaction Mick Jagger is Looking For
The Scariest House of All
(for children)
The Sleepover Question: What to Consider Before Saying Yes
The Stories in the Gospels: Why You Need Them, and How to Read Them
The Story of a Plodder: David Thrower
The Strange Love of Peggy Covell
The Suffering Church: Meitei Believers
The Sufficiency of Daily Grace
The Sustainer of Presidents
The Symptoms and Treatment of Spiritual Cancer
The Tamed Tongue
The Ten-Day Sleep: The Story of April Fools Day
(for children)
The Theology of Coloring
The Threefold Newness of Marriage
The Tongue and What It Tells Us
The Truth About Children With Disabilities
The Two Men My Wife Married
The Two Pictures of Christmas
The Unrepenting Repenter
The Usefulness of Failure
The Value of Arriving Early to Church Meetings
The Value of Hanging Out
The Value of Physical Fitness for the Christian
The Very Scary Hand
(for children)
The Victory that Requires Retreat
The Way to God
The Whisperer, The KJVer, and Other Types of Group Prayer Participants You Don’t Want to Be
The Woman Who Wouldn't Heil Hitler
The Word Fathers Long To Hear
The Worst Sleep-Over Ever
An article for children
The Worth of Warnings (Part 1)
The Worth of Warnings (Part 2)
Thirty-five Questions for Maturing a Christian Marriage
Thoughts for Thanksgiving
Three New Commands You Must Not Neglect
Three Rules That Don't Seem Right
Time Lapse—the Delay Between Speaking and Obeying the Gospel
Time Will Tell
Timid Timothy?
Tips on Talking About Jesus
Tis the Season to be JOLLY?
Tolerance of Evil is Evil Itself
Tom, Risen from the Dead!
Too Sinful to be Saved?
Too Ugly to Love: The Story of Dorie Van Stone
Trusting God in Tragedy: Elizabeth Prentiss
Truth . . . or Consequences
Trying to be a Christian
Two Nervous Old Women Who Went Where Men Feared to Go: The Story of Hannah and Patty More
Understanding Creation
Understanding God
Understanding God's Purpose in Sending His Son
Understanding Love
Understanding Man's Inability
Understanding Providence (article in two parts)
Understanding the Ascension
Understanding the Death of Christ
Understanding the Death of Christ (Part 2)
Understanding the Fall of Man
Understanding the Resurrection
Unless You Believe: The Starting Place
Upheld in the Depths
Vacation Bible School and the Doctrine of Hell
Vacation Bible School: Do's and Don'ts
Vying for the Title “The Chief of Sinners”: Nathan Bedford Forrest
Waiting for a Ministry
Waiting for Unexpected Appointments
Walking the House
Watch the Wine: Being Christ’s Nazirites
Watching Out for the Faith of Others
Waves of Doubt
Wearing Your Own Jersey and Being Unlike Mike in the Body of Christ
What About Your Relatives?
What and When God Remembers
What Did George Muller Think About the Bible?
What Do You Do With Immorality?
What Do You Love About Jesus?
What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?
What Does It Mean to Believe?
What Does Luck Have to Do with It?
What If Churches Started Churches?
What if You Were Preston's Teacher?
What is the Bible?
What it Means to Pray in the Name of Jesus
What It Was Like: Geography and Culture Make a Difference
What Never Happens Happened! The Miracle of the Resurrection
(for children)
What Not to Pretend About
(for children)
What Pastors Must Do, and How to Help Them
What Should We Do At Sunday’s Meeting?
What Should You Do About Sexual Sin?
What They Did Before TV
What Thomas Learned from a Terrible Toothache
(for children)
What to Ask Myself Before I Teach the Bible
What To Do About the Stuff You Have To Do
What to Do With Sin
What To Expect From Pastoral Counseling
What was "Reformed" in the Reformation?
What We Will See Next
What Will Your Children Remember About You?
What you need to know about The Da Vinci Code
What Your Atheist Friend Knows About God (But Doesn't Want to Admit)
When a Child Dies: Responses From Church History
When Anger Gets the Best of You
When Ball Becomes Baal
When Finney Was Right
When God Calls Your Name
(for children)
When God Gives Up
When God Moves Kings: The Second Exodus
When God Says, "However . . .
When He Will Not Lead: Suggestions for Christian Wives in a Difficult Situation
When Jesus Speaks: Following New Covenant Commands
When Nobody Misses You
When the Bible Isn’t Boring Anymore
When the Gospel Came to a Little Hindu Child
When the Money Runs Out: Six Lessons from John Stam
When Was Your Yom Kippur?
When Your Church is Not the Biggest in Town
When Your Preacher is Not John Piper
When You've Broken What You Cannot Fix
Who Is the Person of God-Pleasing Faith?
Who is Writing Your Child’s Story?
Why a “Paper” Bible is Better than a Bible App at Church Meetings
Why Christians Don’t Need Religious Liberty Laws
Why I Long for Eternity
Why Parents Use the Rod of Correction
Why Read a Good Book?
Why Women Don’t Talk About the Bible, and What You Can Do About It
Why You Don’t Read Your Bible
William Whiting Borden: The Millionaire Who Wanted to be a Missionary
William Wilberforce and the Great Change
Women, Have You Considered Plucking Out Your Computer Games?
Words Hold Remarkable Power
Worn Out?
Worth a Lot of Sparrows
Writing Down Our Thoughts
X Knee Hill O?
(for children)
You and God’s Law: How’s the Relationship Going?
You and Your Conscience
You Can't Trust a Groundhog
You May Not Be Meant to Be Great
You Talk About What You Love
You Were Washed
Your Best Life ... Later
Your Favorite Famous Preacher
You're Going the Wrong Way!
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