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A Plea to Christian Young People to Be Fools
Author: Bryan Elliff

The people of God are called to be fools for the sake of Christ. Many Christian young people are not.

A Revival of the Public Reading of Scripture
Author: Steve Burchett

I’m risking sounding old-fashioned, uninventive, or the promoter of something that “just won’t work these days,” but here’s my conviction: We should read even large sections of Scripture when the church meets.

Better Prayer Meetings and Prayer Groups: Less Confusion, More Communion
Author: Steve Burchett

Nonetheless, from a logistical standpoint, there are certain ideas we can implement in order to enjoy better prayer gatherings.

Better Teaching By This Sunday
Author: Steve Burchett

Every Sunday school teacher, Bible study leader, and preacher should aim to teach Scripture with accuracy, clarity, and in a way that helps the listener stay interested. We are always dependent on the Spirit to illuminate, but that’s not an excuse to instruct poorly. Here are three ways to improve your teaching immediately:

Church Faithfulness: Is it Reasonable Anymore?
Author: Jim Elliff

On one occasion, [Michael] Faraday lectured to a distinguished panel of scientists. The Prince of Wales (after Edward VII) was present. For an hour Faraday held his audience spellbound as he demonstrated the nature and properties of the magnet.

Churches on Fire: What Goes Up and What Comes Down
Author: Jim Elliff

"I'm of John Piper!" "I'm of John MacArthur!" "I'm of R. C. Sproul!" "I'm of Allistair Begg!"

Conquering the Shy Chromosome
Author: Jim Elliff

There may be a shy chromosome in the genes somewhere, but if it excuses us so that we shy man with listbecome preoccupied with ourselves and with people's perception of us, it is a natural characteristic gone awry. We've crossed the line into that selfishness God abhors. If shyness can be said to be inherited, unfriendliness certainly is not. Unfriendliness is a choice—a refusal to make the efforts demanded by love.

Does Your Teaching Make People Sleepy?
Author: Steve Burchett

Glazed over eyes. Wide, tear-producing yawns. Bobbing heads. If you are a pastor, Sunday school teacher, or Bible study leader, you've seen them all while you were speaking, and you may be to blame.

Dull Preaching
Author: Jim Elliff

Bored GuyDull preachers make the best martyrs,” said Spurgeon. “They are so dry they burn well.”

Every Believer Not a Missionary
Author: Jim Elliff

Several years ago, before Eastern European Communism was dismantled, I interviewed the leader for the Hungarian Baptists in his office in Budapest. He related the story of Johann Gerhard Oncken and his influence on workers in Hamburg after the great fire there in the 1800s. Oncken used to say, “Every Baptist a missionary.”

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