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A Parable About Appearances
Author: Bryan Elliff

Last year, a friend requested that I visit in order to advise him on some spiritual matters. As it seemed a reasonable time to take leave of my ministerial duties, I accepted. The man was a bookbinder by trade and I was anxious not only to enjoy his cheerful family but also to see the progress of his new business.

A Plea to Christian Young People to Be Fools
Author: Bryan Elliff

The people of God are called to be fools for the sake of Christ. Many Christian young people are not.

A Revival of the Public Reading of Scripture
Author: Steve Burchett

I’m risking sounding old-fashioned, uninventive, or the promoter of something that “just won’t work these days,” but here’s my conviction: We should read even large sections of Scripture when the church meets.

Bearing With the Failings of the Weak
Author: Kole Farney

A confident man once invited the most inexperienced person in the church out for evangelism at a local park. On the drive over, they prayed and strategized a few conversation starters. The inexperienced member remained a bit fuzzy on what passages of Scripture to reference, and as he gazed out the window, he began to wish he hadn’t eaten breakfast that morning.

Better Prayer Meetings and Prayer Groups: Less Confusion, More Communion
Author: Steve Burchett

Nonetheless, from a logistical standpoint, there are certain ideas we can implement in order to enjoy better prayer gatherings.

Better Teaching By This Sunday
Author: Steve Burchett

Every Sunday school teacher, Bible study leader, and preacher should aim to teach Scripture with accuracy, clarity, and in a way that helps the listener stay interested. We are always dependent on the Spirit to illuminate, but that’s not an excuse to instruct poorly. Here are three ways to improve your teaching immediately:

Church Faithfulness: Is it Reasonable Anymore?
Author: Jim Elliff

The Prince of Wales rose to propose a moment of congratulation. The resolution was seconded and carried amid another thunderous burst of applause. The assembly waited for Faraday's reply, but he had vanished. He had slipped away to his little church for the weekly prayer meeting.

Church Going Downhill?
Author: Jim Elliff

Was your church meeting disappointing this week? Do you find that there seems to be little life in the church? Are there troubles stirring? Are there way too many parking lot conversations? What can you do as a member to make things better?

Churches on Fire: What Goes Up and What Comes Down
Author: Jim Elliff

"I'm of John Piper!" "I'm of John MacArthur!" "I'm of R. C. Sproul!" "I'm of Allistair Begg!"

Conquering the Shy Chromosome
Author: Jim Elliff

There may be a shy chromosome in the genes somewhere, but if it excuses us so that we shy man with listbecome preoccupied with ourselves and with people's perception of us, it is a natural characteristic gone awry. We've crossed the line into that selfishness God abhors. If shyness can be said to be inherited, unfriendliness certainly is not. Unfriendliness is a choice—a refusal to make the efforts demanded by love.

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