Holiday: Black History Month (February)

Marching on to a Better Land
Author: Susan Verstraete

The Story of Charlotte Brooks and Octavia Albert

"La, me, child! I never thought anybody would care enough for me to tell of my trials and sorrows in this world!" That was Charlotte Brooks' response when she heard that her friend, Octavia, planned to write the story of Aunt Charlotte's life for publication.

Mixed-Up Churches: Aiming for Multi-Cultural Glory
Author: Jim Elliff

Is it better to have Caucasian churches, Black churches, Korean churches, Farmer churches and Rock-driven churches, or to mix them up?

The Plant Doctor
Author: Susan Verstraete

If you'd met George walking along a country road or hiking in the woods in the Deep South in the 1930s, it's likely you would have underestimated him. In his later years, the gray-haired black man was thin, stooped and frail, and could often be seen shuffling along in the woods, looking for wild herbs and other plants to take back to his rooms. His favorite coat was faded and had more patches showing than original fabric, but he always had a flower or some other bit of plant life in the lapel

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